Women smiling with 2 braids, blue shirt and hat, carrying chopped wood

Originally from Utah, Acadia (she/her) moved to Maine to attend Birthwise Midwifery School in 2015. A trained EMT, Acadia felt drawn to the path of midwifery to guide new parents though a normal and natural life process. She cares deeply about the relationships she builds with her clients and believes that midwifery care is a crucial step to empower parents to raise empowered children who will change the course of history.

Acadia joined Sacopee Midwives in the fall of 2019 as an assistant midwife, graduated from Birthwise in January of 2020 and became licensed in Maine in May of 2020. Her initial education included interning with midwives in Maine, New Hampshire and Idaho, and she continues learning through yearly continuing education courses, experience and knowledges passed on from her midwifery partners.

In addition to being a passionate midwife, Acadia is also passionate about running. When she is not catching babies she can be found coaching runners (pregnant and not), running ultra-marathons or writing for running publications (mainly about running in pregnancy!)

Acadia lives in Brownfield with her amazing partner, Ken, who doesn’t complain too much about midnight labor calls, and her labrador, Finley, who complains a lot about being woken up at night.