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We are on call for you anytime of the day or night at 207~329~2111 ext. 0

One of us is on call 24/7. Communication regarding your labor or any urgent matter should be via phone call. Always leave a message on the 0 extension of our voicemail so that we will know we missed your call! All of the midwives have other extensions where they can be left personal messages.

Another way to have non urgent questions answered is email. Email is a great communication tool for us. We can answer your questions at a time that is convenient for us. Our schedules can be variable and we could be up all night and sleeping all day. This tool allows us to respond to you quickly and to get much needed sleep after a birth so we can be ready for yours! Email:

Occasionally we text from our private lines, however we prefer that you use email to get in touch with us for non urgent issues and call us for urgent ones. Please note that we do not have sound notifications on our texts and may not notice them for awhile.  

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