Pelvic Floor Health

Let's talk about pelvic floor health! Speaking openly about the health of our pelvic floor and how to care for it throughout our lives is important to me. I have done specialized training with Herman and Wallace and Pelvic Health Solutions in Toronto. I hope to share my knowledge with people and help them with any Pelvic floor dysfunction they may be experiencing. It can impact our lives adversely and we can do something about it!

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Endurance run coaching for pregnancy and beyond.

Whether you are training for 13 or 100 miles, Canyon Wren Coaching can help you reach your goals. With a background in midwifery, I specialize in the unique needs of pregnant and postpartum athletes.

We consult with or refer to other healthcare providers when appropriate. Here are some of our favorites who we work with often.

Pediatricians / Primary Health Care

Waterboro Village Pediatrics

Aardvark Pediatrics 

Honey Bee Home Health

Massage, Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Body Work

Pine Tree Family Chiropractic

Six Branches Family Acupuncture


Wild Carrot 

Placenta encapsulation



Lactation Consultants

Two Rivers Lactation and Midwifery


Assurance Ultrasound

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