About Us

Who are the Sacopee Midwives?

Welcome to Sacopee Valley Birthing Services! We are a group practice of two primary Certified Professional Midwives and two assistant midwives.

The practice name describes the the Abenaki lands of the Saco and Ossipee River Valley where the practice started. This area is peaceful, yet powerful...as birth is. 

Sacopee Valley Birthing Services was born in 1994. Over the years the practice has been gifted with the help of amazing women. We are grateful to all of the midwives and students who have worked with Sacopee Midwives for the past 25 years! There are too many to list!

Our love to Deirdre Sulka Meister, Kelcy Greer, Lindsay Bushnell, Maureen Smith, Jen Donaldson, Jodie Kaufman and Robin Illian. At this time Brenda Surabian and Acadia Gantz are the primary midwives and Abby and Robin assist us. We look forward to welcoming Grace Pease from Cornish, Maine to our practice in 2022. This model of care allows us to make midwifery sustainable for our families and provide you with experienced, client centered care. Click here to read about How our practice works.

The Midwives

At this time Brenda Surabian and Acadia Gantz are the primary midwives and split all practice duties. We will be welcoming Grace Pease in 2022.

A group practice means that our clients benefit from our collective knowledge and experience and have more than one midwife to oversee their care and get to know them. It also means you will always have a well-rested team of two at your birth.

For the midwives, it means that we can have certain days when we are on-call only for our families, which keeps us fresh and balanced to provide the best midwifery care possible. We feel this group practice model offers a sustainable way to continue giving the quality midwifery care we love and being able to make the connections with our clients that make this work so rewarding, while balancing the needs of our own families as well. Striving for balance, we know all will benefit.

Please click on our photos below to read our biographies below and get to know us a little before we meet.

Brenda Surabian, CPM

Midwife Acadia, wearing blue winter hat, smiling

Acadia Gantz, CPM

Midwife Grace at farmers market standing next to tomotatoes

Grace Pease, CMP