Midwife Grace at farmers market standing next to tomotatoes

Grace was born and raised on her family’s farm in the Sacopee Valley. Grace went to college in Vermont, where she studied medical anthropology and public action, with a focus on global health.

Grace graduated from Birthwise Midwifery School in 2022 after two years of academic work and a year and a half long preceptorship at a birth center in Bangor, Maine. She is passionate about providing evidence based, respectful, and client-centered care to her community. Grace is committed to continuing to grow as a CPM through continuing education, and loves learning from her practice partners and the families she works with.

Brenda was there the day Grace was born, so it feels like a natural fit that they are now working together in the community!

When not doing birth work, she enjoys farming with her family on Merrifield Farm (find them at Portland farmers’ market), making flower arrangements for weddings and friends, and eating lots of ice cream.